Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Grandkids Department Update

Last Saturday, three grandkids came to town. They’re staying at our oldest daughter’s house, over in Missouri. We had a great Saturday with them. From sorta early to late at night it was a busy day.

Sean had a birthday cake just after lunch. He's 11 now.

Oh, those crazy grown-ups. Send ‘em back to Remedial Spelling—in summer school, too.

In the late afternoon we spent four hours at the new Water Park. I was afraid to take my camera out, except to get this picture of five-year-old Ben spinning around off the diving board—in the deep end! I wish I had gotten more pictures. Maybe next time.

Take it from me, those water slides are fast, fast, fast! Inside them, they are black, black, black. Once the slide begins, there’s no turning back. Darkness swallows you in an instant and you lose all perspective. You lose your equilibrium in a hurry. Flying faster than a speeding bullet, you can’t anticipate a thing. Every curve is an unexpected jolt. And your speed increases. But those brave grandboys of mine hardly batted an eye. Time after time; again and again...

They’re so fast and frightening I only rode ‘em three times.

Water Slide photo from "How Stuff Works."

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