Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Memories Department

I have two fantastic memories that will endure with me forever.

At the beginning of President Reagan's first term, my brother and my dad passed away 10 days apart, and I had to fly from Washington to Arizona for the two funerals. Whew, was I ever tired after that second trip. I was so upset and exhausted that I cried like a baby when My First Wife and our grade-school kids met me at the airport. It was late at night, but there they all were; waiting with hugs and kisses all around. After a few moments I opened my hand and found a little red medallion that said, "World's Greatest Dad." What little hand put that treasure into mine? I don't want to know. My kids gave it to me and I still have it.

Then when our home burned down a few years ago, our 7 year old grandson went to his bedroom and got $11 out of his bank and gave it to us. I know I shouldn't have taken it, but his heart was so beautiful and he wanted to help so much and he felt so bad for us... But then he felt so good that he could help.

If I live forever, I'll always remember these moments. If Jesus comes to get me, then I'll just get to see instant replays as often as I want.

What about you? You have moments that are sweeter than honey?

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