Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fantastic Weather Department

Today was a glorious August day here in The Heart of America. (And I may be the first person in the history of the English language to use “glorious,” “August,” and “day” in the same sentence.) This day may be our reward for the long cold winter we endured earlier. It was a beautiful day and I scooted out for my second longest walk of the year (seven miles). I crossed paths (get it?) with several walkers, joggers and bike riders who also were all aga-ga about this delightful summer gift.

I wanna share some pictures I took today on Tomahawk Creek, Kansas.

Two from my folder, “Benches.”

Should I put this in the Benches folder or in the Reflections folder?

Rest above the creek. Quiet, shady, peaceful, beautiful.

Two from my new folder, “Reflections.”

And two from my “Fences” folder.

I like this photo, but the fence is a little short.

The fence we love to hate.

It would be neat to live this day over again.

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