Tuesday, August 12, 2008

War Department

I thought about naming this post “Satan Is Alive and Well,” and you’ll soon see why. Anyway, our pastor included these dreadful statistics in last Sunday’s sermon. Thought you’d be interested.

From about 3600BC to the present (2008AD) there are 14,000 recorded wars. That’s about three wars per year for about 5,600 years, or all of mankind’s recorded history. These wars include clan vs. clan, family vs. family; tribe against tribe, city against city; empires and nations against empires and nations. Every known nation and tribe has suffered from war. Some of these wars were/are local; some are/were world-wide. Some were quick; some lasted for years and years. The value of property damage? Imagine a solid gold belt around the earth 105 miles—miles!—wide and 40 feet thick. More than 3.6 billion people died in these wars.

Oh, and in those 5,600 years, there are 42 known years without war. Fort-tee-two.

See, I told you you’d soon see why.

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