Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Adventures with Little Yellow Dots

I use those little adhesive yellow dots to mark things. Technically they’re called Color Coding Labels...3/4 inch diameter. There are 35 on a sheet. I use them to mark my newspaper collection. I number each dot to correspond with a particular newspaper.

I spent the last four days looking for my package of yellow dots. “I know they’re around here somewhere. They gotta be here,” I kept telling myself. “I’ve looked everywhere! Where are they?”

Well, I gave up. But I couldn’t just leave my newspapers disorganized and unnumbered. So I went out on icy streets last evening down to the Pancake Flats Stationery and Veterinary Supply Store. Thankfully, Sally had plenty of them. A little dusty, but what the hey. “Whatcha gonna do with all them little yeller dots?” she asked. "You ain't having a garage sale in this cold weather, are ya?"

“Well, Sally, I had to come down here and buy these, so that I can find the ones I bought last summer. I figure when I get home, it won't take more than 10 minutes to find them.”

“Yep, that oughta work,” she said. “Six ninety-five, please.”

It worked. When I came in the house I walked directly to the drawer where I put those dots six months ago.

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