Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Adventures in a Small World

Did I ever tell you? My father was once a US Border Patrolman along the Arizona-Mexico border. He started there in 1931 and after a few years, he went into the INS (Immigration). He stayed with them till he retired 37 years later.

And did I tell you that last October My First Wife and I spent a Sunday morning in church at the First Baptist Church of Douglas AZ where I grew up? What a warm and wonderful morning that was. Filled with nostalgia, Christian fellowship...I’m digressing.

And did I ever tell you? The current pastor, Pastor Segar, whom we never met before then, told me he is quite certain that his father and my father were both Border Patrolmen together “…back in the 30s sometime…” What an amazing circle!

I think about that morning every once in awhile. I still haven’t gotten over it. I believe it was a divine appointment that put Pastor Segar and me together for a few minutes that morning. I believe it was divine prodding that urged him to rekindle some old information about our dads. Isn't it amazing how God can complete a circle with links we never heard of.

Sometimes when you go poking around looking for your roots, you find a few.