Monday, February 23, 2009

Adventures in the Car Wash

Can you believe it has warmed up enough here in the Heart of America to run your car through a car wash? Global Warming is apparently fast approaching! Yesterday’s temp was a scorching 38 degrees. Today, all the way up to 42.

So I raced to the new Pancake Flats Car Wash and Welding Supply Store. I like the place. You just put in a magic code and get in line. Pretty soon you and your car come out of a wet and noisy chute all clean and dripping wet.

They also got a new deal where if you buy a $9.00 car wash, you can buy gas for 12¢ less than the going rate. What a deal, eh? So I bought 10 gallons of gas and therefore saved a dollar-twenty. Right? And paid $3.00 extra for an ordinary car wash.

Did I just get hosed?