Thursday, February 19, 2009

Adventures Miscellaneous

Sorry to take so long to tell about our trip to Florida, but there is a flu bug bugging me.

First though, I am plenty happy that former Border Patrolmen Ramos and Compean have been released from prison. Only Fox News reported it nationally. At least I think they’re the only network that did. I hope these gentlemen find peace, goodwill and happiness. Their integrity is second to none.

In the Arizona church where I grew up there is a little chapel with old benches exactly like this one. I happened across this one in a Florida banquet hall recently. Small bench; small world.

Speaking of benches, I photographed this bench in my home town last October. They say there is a ghost in the Gadsden Hotel, but I don’t b……lieve in ghosts.

I really enjoy Real Simple Magazine.

In Florida last week, I ate a good ‘n’ greasy hamburger at Five Guys Burgers and Fries. It was yummy and I will write good things about it. It was my reward for reaching my weight-loss goal. However, as a hamburger critic, I have to say that In-N-Out Burgers and Whataburgers rate higher on my personal great hamburger list.

I really like dawn just before sunrise. It’s the most beautiful moment of the morning. We named Our Youngest Daughter Amy Dawn. Well, apparently the Lord was pleased with that, because He let her be born at 6:19 when the Pacific Northwest dawn was at its most glorious that day.

Ever notice? When you fly to Florida, they tell you to buckle your seat belt before the plane can leave the gate. Then when they get out on the tarmac they give you instructions on how to buckle them.

I married into a family of six brothers and sisters. Once in awhile they all end up in the same place. Like last weekend at our nephew’s wedding.

I took the photo of the princess below. It’s the best portrait photo I have ever taken, and I am quite proud of it. Our whole trip to Florida last week was worth this 1/60 of a second. She's our niece.

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