Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Adventures in Thought

Well, it’s already been two weeks, and I’m thinking that our new President isn’t going to change anything in Washington, after all. Nor will he solve anything. He didn’t change anything or solve anything while he was in the Senate. Shoot, most of the time he didn’t even participate. Well, he broke a barrier that needed breaking, but like in the days of Lincoln-Johnson: “Uh…now what?”

He was not a good Senator, so what makes anyone think he’d be a good President? He is not the best choice we had for President. (The best candidate probably didn’t even run for the office.) He is not a good leader. Washington’s Speaker of the House has already bamboozled him. He is already criticized by his own home-town newspaper (The Chicago Tribune). Speaking of newspapers, The New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Boston Globe, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and a few others are huffy over some of his Cabinet nominations; those power players who think they’re immune from taxes.

And speaking of power, I have friends in Arkansas and Kentucky who are freezing theirselves silly waiting for some help from our new President. They need their gas and electricity back right now. Not one of these days: right now! Baby, it’s cold outside—but in that new President’s office it’s “…hot enough to grow orchids in.” Where’s that Hurricane Katrina press now?

Speaking of the press, already he’s ignoring questions from his press corps and “staring down” legitimate questions. Joe the Plumber was ahead of his time. Bloggers and political pundits don’t even have time to reboot their computers because there’s so much good fodder flying in already. He may be more fun that our last President and almost as befuddled as that one from Georgia.

I suggest that the Republican Party go into a “no-huddle offense.” That always sets the opponents back on their heels awhile. It always excites the crowd and gets folks rooting for you. Bring in that “quarterback” who’ll take charge, call creative plays and lead! We need a leader who not only knows this business, but means business. A snake oil charmer is the last thing we need. Send us that man/woman who’ll lift our people up, not dumb our people down. We only have 47 1/2 months to go. Think W again—for Win.

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