Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Adventures While Driving Around

Some scenes are just to pure to pass up. Like these two near Pancake Flats. I pass these spots frequently. Today conditions were just perfect enough. So I found places to pull over and shot a couple of photos. And what a terrific spring day for cameras it was, too!

These horses are usually not this close to the road, and when they saw me pointing my camera at them, they turned and waddled away in the other direction. These two photos just went into my Fence Folder.

I love this barn. It's been there since the 1800s. I think it got a fresh coat of paint and new roof shingles recently. There's all kinds of modern utility meters and stuff around it nowadays. I deftly hid some of them behind that tree. Looks pretty good this way, eh? It'll look pretty good in my Barn Folder.

Behind this barn is one of the most popular city parks in the whole county. Fifty-three acres of bliss away from The Big City—right there in The Big City. If you look closely on both sides of the barn, you can see walking trails. I walk on them a lot, and I invite you to come walk here with me.

And I found someone to put on My Hats Blog, too. Stop in.

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