Thursday, April 09, 2009

Adventures in Brief Encounters

There are times in all our lives when we cross paths with someone, oh, so very briefly. That moment, that brief instant leaves an electric memory that shimmers within us for the rest of our lives—for the good.

An example happened to me about 30 years ago. I was in a church fellowship room, sipping coffee, nibbling on a donut between services. A dark-haired little girl I never saw before, probably about three, wandered into the room and walked straight toward me. She put her right arm around my leg and her left thumb into her mouth. She nestled against me like she owned me and stood patiently while I chewed the fat with a couple of other men. I remember making a point not to touch her. My touch would have been different than her dad’s, I knew.

A minute or two later, there he was. Daddy walked into the room and lined up at the coffee pot. He wore brown slacks just like I was wearing. That little girl saw him and I knew when she did. She looked up at me astonished, unplugged her thumb at the same time. She turned loose of my leg, compared my slacks with her dad's and jumped a foot away. She glared at me, then beelined over to her dad. She stood ever so close to him—very close. In a few seconds, she put her left thumb back in her mouth, but still carefully watching me.

Pretty soon her glare softened and the four little fingers next to her left thumb wiggled at me. I softly waved my fingers back at her. She sent me a shy smile with her little dark eyes. Then it was time for me to leave the room. I was at peace.

What about you? Have you enjoyed a Brief Encounter with an unknown someone—man, woman, child—who created a magic moment in your life?

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