Monday, June 22, 2009

Adventures on a Sunny Sunday Evening

Yesterday evening (Father's Day and the longest day of the year) I set out to take a couple of pictures of a church steeple I knew about. I accidentally took 83 photos. Here are only seven, not necessarily the best, but I'm too tired to judge them right now.

Pop Quiz: What is the Shawnee Indian word for "Beautiful?"
Give up? "Olathe" (Pronounced o-LAY-thuh)

Wheat field, almost ready for combining, in Overland Park KS

Amber waves of grain in Overland Park KS.

Fences in Olathe KS

Abandoned barn(s) in Olathe KS

Grace Church Steeple, Olathe KS (Picture taken from 1/2 mile away)

Grace Church, Olathe KS (I think this is a Methodist Church)

Grace Church Steeple (from behind a "Christmas Tree")

Grace Church Steeple with Lilies of the Field


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