Saturday, June 20, 2009

Adventures with Father's Day Cards

I bought a birthday gift and a card Saturday for our nephew who just turned two. I was just about to check out when I had one of those Aha! moments.

I stepped out of line for a minute, and using my handy-dandy cell phone, called My First Wife. "Hi, Sweetie. Should I get myself a Father's Day card while I'm here?"

Three ladies standing nearby heard me. Two of them burst out laughing. "That's cute."

The third one screeched, "Oh, Sweet Goodness! I'm about to forget, too!"

I don't know who you are, sir, but you're gonna get a nice Father's Day card.

And no, My Sweet First Wife assured me that I didn't have to get a card.

Happy Father's Day to those of you who qualify.