Thursday, September 24, 2009

Adventures in Color.

I took a walk this morning in one of my favorite Big City Parks. I got a few good pics of this little bridge. Nothing significant about it except that from this little bridge you can get yourself a drink of water, head for the red barn there on the right or go take a pee in the outhouse. Oh, and the flowers are pretty. Not bad for autumn. This picture is for my grandson Nicholas who has a "Bridge Folder" in his computer. I'll send it to him. Don't tell him; it's a surprise.

Oh, and don't we love three colors of red? Barn Red, Autumn Leaves and Rusty Rails.

I couldn't get a picture of this, but it was the best part of the walk today. I passed by a children's play area. A little toddler about 26 inches tall, about 16-18 months old saw me and came running toward me. "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" he kept yelling. Well, I hated to disappoint him, so I gave him a friendly little wave. His mom called him back to the swings.

Well, I don't know what his dad looks like, but he must really be good looking, don't you think?


Jennie said...

I hate it when my kids run up to Angelina Jolie screaming Mommy, Mommy! Just plain embarrassing. I'm loving seeing the red leaves! My sassafras in the yard is turning too.

dbfrank said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful scene Paul. Thank you for sharing.

Joy Des Jardins said...

I love those reds Paul. This is my favorite time of year...reds. rusts, oranges, browns and gorgeous. Great pictures...thanks.

Cara said...

I love living in Texas but I'm definitely missing the pretty colors of Fall. Paul, your pics are just my opinion you can certainly add photographer to your list of many talents.
I've decided to start blogging again...I really miss writing so I'm going to give it a "go".

Lucy Stern said...

I love the fall colors....

Senorita said...

I like the picture of the bridge best. I love little bridges and often wonder about then upon crossing them. Just one of my quirks I guess.

cassie-b said...

That little boy gave you the greatest compliment!


kenju said...

Very nice photos, Paul.

Scarlet said...

Pablito, you're a riot! I love your last line. :)

The red on red is beautiful. You truly get to experience the seasons in your neck of the woods and you capture some fine photos! Thanks for sharing, amigo!

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