Monday, September 28, 2009

Aventuras con Cinco Palabras (de Scarlet)

Scarlet challenged a bunch of her readers to wax poetic with an assortment of five words from her wildly energetic dictionary. I accepted her challenge, and wouldn’t you know it, I’ve been laying awake nights with the following five words (cinco palabras).

Winter: I’m not one for winter months. Bah-humbug! However, I really look forward to the last day of winter. Then it’s over—theoretically. Arizona features winter baseball, so I guess it can’t be all bad.

Sorpresa: Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! When I signed up for Scarlet’s challenge, I asked her for a couple of Spanish words. This was one of them. Ahora. ¡Si ella nos promete una visita aquí en el Corazón de América, después me sorprenderán! (I think that’s right.)

Humor: A merry heart is like a good medicine. The Bible says so somewhere in the Book of Proverbs. Want to read some nice clean humor? Visit Ralph every Sunday for his Sunday Funnies. And I can promise you that a little humor is a lot cheaper and a lot easier to swallow than a little pill.

This favorite word of mine, Esperanza, is the most beautiful one-word poem ever written. I love this word in sound and in print. It has a melody all its own and it glides across pages as relaxed as a swan. It is especially beautiful when a pretty señorita smiles her name to you. Esperanza. Then that weakness in the back of your knees somehow awakens every honest hope you ever had.

I’m pretty sure that all two of my faithful readers know that I’m a Christian. I hope they noticed that, anyway. Well then, in my many years of listening to hordes of preachers, I’ve only heard one sermon on the subject of Esperanza. Hope. Yet—and listen to this truthful statement—hope, or Esperanza, is one of the three greatest attributes a Christian can have. Fey, Esperanza y Amor. Pero la màs excelente de ellas es el amor. We’ve all heard lots of sermons about Faith and many, many about Love. But Hope? Few ministers, if any, have encouraged you with Hope, the one attribute that drives us to our future. Esperanza. (Thank you, Scarlet.)

Speaking of Future: Pastor Hilderman passed away almost three years ago (gee, time flies). We exchanged snail-mail every month since 1969. His wife JoAnn has continued the monthly write. Anyway, on most of the envelopes he sent us—and there were plenty of them—he wrote, “The future is as bright as the promises of God.” Pastor Hilderman is experiencing his future, live and in brilliant color, right now at the very fingertips of Jesus. I’m confident that my future includes a seat next to him again.

Well, you wanna play? I’m laying awake nights with a stack of words I want to give away. You get five and you can vent, vet, rant, rave, ramble or tell folks how good-looking I am. Please just keep it family-friendly.


Jennie said...

I'm in, but I don't understand. Which five words? You're going to give them to us? I'm so confused.
Word verification: lubst.

kenju said...

I think I might be ready to do that, Paul. I love your words and how you talked about them - especially esperanza!

jennifer said...

Esperanza... that word will be in my head all day! This was so well done!

I'm in - give me 5 English words please :)

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Esperanza is the greatest word in the Spanish language. Hay mucho anos que yo hablo la langua. Thanks for a good cinco palabras! I did my five today too!

Scarlet said...

My dear friend Pablito, from now on I will think of you whenever I hear the word, Esperanza. You did a brilliant job with your words, but this, of course, was my favorite (and I know I'm not alone when I say this).

Btw, ¡tu español es fabuloso, amigo! I hope I get to meet you and your first wife someday. We'll have lots of fun and share our humor! :)


Ralph said...

Esperanza = Hope, what a great, great word. You are right, I can't remember the last sermon I heard on hope. Maybe I never have.
I'm not going to play, Paul, but I do appreciate you recommending my Sunday Funnies.

Cliff said...

We are used to being inspired here Paul.
Thanks for a great post.

Paul Nichols said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jamie Dawn said...

I'm not a fan of winter either, but I AM a fan of bright futures. I'm thankful that even when our present situations are bad, we always have a hopeful and bright future because of God!! When all is said and done, our final resting place is with our heavenly Father. That is something worth smiling about!

I'm so glad you are home now and doing better after your surgery.
Take care and rest well.

jennifer said...

I'm sorry you had to have surgery. I am assuming you had your Gall Bladder removed? I was supposed to do that about three years ago but I still have my gall bladder (I'm chicken).

Thank for the five words. I will post them later on next week.

Scarlet said...

Paul, I had no idea you were in the hospital. I'm happy to hear all's well and I hope you are feeling better by the minute!!

Hugs, Scarlet

PS - I need the link to buy your book!

Mom said...

what a great post. I like the idea. send me 5 words in English and I'll give it a try. I have a dear friend named Esperanza

Roger said...

Wow, you're so right about the preaching on Hope, and I never even thought of that before! I'm going to mention that to my pastor. Thanks for the perspective. And I love the word esperanza, too, especially as a name.

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