Monday, January 04, 2010

Department of Great Discoveries

Today (Jan 4) is Isaac Newton’s birthday—again. He’s the thinker who was thinking under an apple tree when suddenly one of the apples got loose and conked him on the head. “I see the light!” he said, “Let me write that down!” So he was the first person to write down “gravity.” And we gave him credit for "discovering" it. Happy Birthday, Isaac.

Well, there are other discoveries that are greater than gravity—in my humble opinion.
  • Baseball
  • Chocolate
  • The Undo Button (Ctrl-Z)
  • Sippy Cups for little tykes
  • Music…followed closely by iPods
  • Pizza and German Chocolate Cake (tie)
  • Hot 'n' Cold running water
  • WD-40 and Duct Tape (tie)
  • When’s the last time you cleaned a cotton diaper in the toilet?
  • My Other Blog: People Who Wear Hats  Go there now.
Now, if someone will just discover a "Do-Over Button" for elections.


Whitemist said...

I would think that chocolate and chocolate cake would have the same level of importance, but i generally agree with the order of things with most of the food things getting a slightly higher priority

Jennie said...

Good thing Eve discovered the apple, making Newton's discovery possible. Or something like that. I'd like to add antibiotics because they're the reason I descended the stairs today and am sitting in my dining room rather than the bed. My sinus infection had ravaged my entire head and organs operating therein. 'Course if I'd had an apple a day, they're be no need for them, would there? Okay, I'll go back to bed, sorry.

DBFrank said...

I'm a big fan of Lazy Boy Recliners and self cleanin' ovens.

Ily said...

I had no idea about that Ctrl Z button. I learned something new today, thanks to you, pal!

Laura said...

What do you use WD-40 and duct tape for, Paul?

Senorita said...

Happy New Year ! You can send the book to me at:

142 N. Milpitas Bld #134
Milpitas, CA 95035

I look forward to reading it !

kenju said...

I think mashed potatoes ought to be on your list!

Ralph said...

You are certainly right about the undo button.

Janell said...

Hi Paul! I like you 10 resolutions posted below. I'm in!

Happy happy blessings to you and your First Wife for 2010.

1986 (last diaper in the toilet)

Janell said...

I almost forgot! You're book has been helping me get through several snowbound days!

Mom said...

I think spell check is one of life's great inventions.