Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby Taxi Service

Isn’t this an idyllic scene? A Sunday afternoon picnic in the park (one of Our County’s most attractive parks, by the way). Taken last summer. Clicken the photos to biggenate.

“Where'd he go? I’ve got a baby taxi here. Baby Taxi?”

“Hey, sir! Need a Baby Taxi?"
"Come on, Dude. I'm just trying to make a buck here."

Say, why don't you hurry on over to My Hats Blog for the latest photo. That's fun, too.


Ily said...

Ha! Love the Baby Taxi photos!

There's an old lady in my neighborhood who walks an empty stroller all the time (at full speed) and I'm tempted to photograph her for one of those "Caption This" posts, but she looks like she'd put a curse on me if I did.

Nice Sunday afternoon park photos, btw.

Cliff said...

Great pics.
Because of you we went to the 3-D version of Alice. It was good. I'll have to admit it.
I liked the jokes. The Under conviction will go in to my collections.

Granny Annie said...

This is frightening. It looks like the guy is stealing her baby!

Mountain Mama said...

That's an interesting photo. Where did the baby go?
Actually I have seen some people pushing their little dogs in one of those things. The little critter gets tired of running and playing snd just jumps in for a ride. Cute!