Saturday, March 20, 2010

Forget Spring—Let's Start Summer Now!

UPDATE: Sunday, second day of spring 2010. 6:00 a.m. Snow is 8" deep and still falling. Strong wind about 20 mph. Temp is 32; wind chill is 20. I wanna go home!

*     *     *

It's the first day of spring and it's snowing here in the Heart of America. There is an easy two inches of snow piled up. And according to our crack team of weather casters, it's gonna snow till Sunday evening. Six to eight inches! Yikes! Is that suppose to happen on the first day of spring?

Well in the meantime, I'm trying to write a book about local parks and walking trails. I'm in the "reviewing photos stage" and have found many I'd like to include in the book, but can't. So I'm going to post them here for a little while.

Do you like these geese? I photoed them on a warm autumn afternoon a couple of years ago. I love a quality water photo, too. Speaking of warmth, you can warm up over at My Hats Blog, too.


Jennie said...

Nice picture, but to answer your title: NO. Today is the most beautiful day in these parts. This is the most anticipated spring ever Paul!

Carol said...

No snow here in PA finally. We've had a couple of nice warm days, and it's been so nice. I hope your weather warms up very soon.

cassie-b said...

And I love the geese picture!

Monique said...

Snow? Well then I guess you don't want to hear that it's in the 70s here in sunny Florida here today. Gorgeous day outside. In fact, what am I doing sitting here at the computer. I'd better get outside and enjoy it!

Kansas Bob said...

I am definitely not a snow person - especially today.. grrr.

Still up for coffee? I know that the weather will improve this week :)

Senorita said...

I love ducks and geese. Nice picture !

No snow in sight here in CA. It's nice, sunny and warm. But that's why the rents are so high around here.

Whitemist said...

And we have very unseasonable warm weather for CT, (btw, that is what global warming is all about, everything crazy). I suppose Monday we get "normal" weather back and it is not unusual for us to have snow in April, but I will take summer, NOW!

Mountain Mama said...

This is a beautiful shot. I love the colorful reflections and those geese are all lined up so pretty.

No snow in these parts. In fact it has been warm and sunny. My flowers are blooming like mad. I hope Spring comes soon for you too!

Star said...

Sorry about the snow Paul. At least it shouldn't last too long. It is a lovely spring day here on the east coast. That picture is lovely. Looks like you could just jump in.

Joy Des Jardins said...

No, snow is NOT suppose to happen on the first day of Spring Paul...but we got some too. (Only ours was the day before.) It didn't amount to that much, and we were told we'd get more; but that didn't happen...thank God. It's all melted again now. Geesh, I'd really like Spring to come here....and stay. Love the picture of the geese.... ~Joy

Rachel said...

I love that picture Paul!

Too bad about the snow, but usually it doesn't last too long at this time of the year.

Walking trails is something I wish our town had more of.

srp said...

Canada geese... I only wish they would go south for the winter. Ours have taken up permanent residence and they live EVERYWHERE. Most people stop when they cross the road.. even if it is a four lane road and they tie up traffic for ten minutes. Even swimming pools are not off limits for them. Of course they never fly over our house when I have the camera ready!

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