Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Does Your Title Sell Your Book?

Hey! You wanna write from the hip? Try this.

At a recent writers’ club meeting, Our Fearless Leader issued a challenge during the writing exercise time. Does your title sell your book? Will shoppers pick up your book because the title intrigues them? I thought it might be fun to toss this out to you all and see what comes back. Try it. From the hip.

Write three catchy titles, each using one of the words below.
  • Supper / Where / Remove
Rules: Please keep them clean. This is a family-friendly blog, you know.
  • Your title is all we want here. Don’t explain or give a synopsis of your book.
  • You may not use all three words in one title.
  • No length limit.
  • Words may be placed anywhere in the title.
  • You may add “s,” “ed,” “er,” “ing” and so forth to a word(s).
Examples (weak ones): 
  • The Sly Supper
  • Singing Where No Man Has Sung Before
  • Body Removal for Dummies; a Gangster’s Resource for the Rest of Us
Hint: You have an advantage. We only had five minutes to create our titles. Please join the fun. Hurry back with your inspiration.

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DBFrank said...

1. The Fools Supper: A review of the Obama Presidency; to date.
2. Where Have I been All My Life?
3. Remove Yourself: How to Make Room for God.

Senorita said...

Sorry, I can't participate. You asked to keep it clean and I can't do that.

I don't think I am capable.

Jennie said...

Supper Doesn't Come Easy
Remove Your Braids
Where the Sun Longs to Shine

Ily said...

1) Superman's Super Supper
2) Where Oh Where is Your Good Luck Underwear??
3) Remove it or Lose it

Sorry, it's after midnight and that's the best I can give you!


Mountain Mama said...

1.Supper With The King

2.Where Are You Sir John?

3.Remove Your Shoes In My Presence

Here you are.

Ily said...

Happy Easter, Paul!!

Rachel said...

Supper is Ready!
Where Time Stands Still
Remove all Evidence

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