Sunday, March 07, 2010

Wonderland (The Movie)

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I don't do movie reviews cuz I don't go to all that many movies. So forgive this amateurish attempt at a critique. My oldest grandson took me to a Saturday afternoon matinee and he declared that it is "Awesome!" And I will add, "Gather up your family and go see Alice in Wonderland."

It will be nominated for some Academy Awards (next year). Costumes are creative; I liked the Red Queen's lipstick (of all things).  My grandson was impressed with the cinematography. We couldn't watch the 3-D version because the show time was not convenient. But the "plain vanilla" version is very good, too.

After Alice arrives in Wonderland, it's a busy, busy movie. Lot's of fun and chaos almost non-stop. Lots of weird (but kid-friendly) characters and animals. There are some battle scenes that fall flat. The colors of Wonderland seem dark to me, but they're not spooky. There's plenty of humor, but most of it is subtle.

But The Mad Hatter dances. Yessir! Oh, does he dance! I like his hat! Johnny Depp stars as the Mad Hatter. What a great job! I was particularly impressed with the lines he delivered. High-speed verbosity. The Hatter is a mad man, remember, and his vocabulary and grammar rarely make sense but he always gets his point across. Johnny Depp pulls it off so skillfully and artfully that it's easy to give him your undivided attention. Alice in Wonderland is not about Alice; it's about the Mad Hatter. He entertains us well.

Mia Wasikowska plays Alice. I don't know this actress, but this Alice is a role that just about any young woman can play. This version of Alice in Wonderland is not about Alice; it's about the Mad Hatter.

I'd like to see it again, just to keep up with The Mad Hatter's dialog. I probably won't, so why don't you go for me. Enjoy.

I'm gonna give it three and a half outta five stars. Despite that highly average rating, go see it because it's family-friendlier than it looks. You can thank me later.


Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for the review Paul. I am heading over to the hat blog.

kenju said...

I want to see that movie too, but I will probably wait for the DVD.

Ily said...

Well, if it's all about the Mad Hatter, I'll love it!! :)

Thanks for the review. You should get paid for plugging this movie on your blogs!

Rachel said...

Great review and it sounds like a fun movie Paul. I don't get out to see many movies, but this one sounds like one I need to see.

Cliff said...

No, I'll thank you now. Thanks.
Like you, I don't do movies but might this one. My wife LOVES J Depp.
I'll not mention to your wife about the lipstick thing.
Have you thought about holding an office in D.C.?
I'm off to see the hats.

jennifer said...

My Oldest Daughter saw it and though she liked it, felt that it was a "weird" (her word) movie. Weird is obviously a good thing though.

Johnny Depp has become an actor who can completely carry a quirky character.