Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Adventures with Muscle Spasms

I took a walk in the mall this morning. Good thing, too, because there is a little walk-in health clinic for simple problems like pinched fingers and so forth. They also give free flu shots, if you want to stop by.

Well, as I was walking, suddenly there was an awful and unusual muscle spasm in my back side. I wasn’t but a few steps from the clinic, so I dashed in and told ‘em what was wrong. Wouldn’t you know it, the spasm stopped about then, too. But they said they wanted to examine me real quick anyway.

Turned out that there was a cell phone in my hip pocket. It was set on Vibrate.

It cost me $65.00 for them to pull my pants down and laugh at me.


Jennie said...

Oh my, is that true Paul? Did the doctor ask for your number, dial it and say, "Does it hurt when I do this?" LOL

(Or was it a case of dysibri? ;)

kenju said...

LOL...and Jennie is funny.

Cliff said...

I hope you never need to yell fire.

Granny Annie said...

You've got to admire a person who can admit such a thing!

cassie-b said...

Did you make that up?

Jennie said...

Stan says it was psychosomatic, that you must have a lot of hang ups. Get it? Hang ups? Groan, go ahead, I always do.

Ily said...

This is a joke, right? lol

Pablito, it sounds too good to be true! :)

Blond Girl said...

Paul, I put my back out a month ago, and I was fixin' to feel very sorry for you - you turkey! Now you'll have to put your phone on a great boogie tune so that next time it rings you can dance instead of feel pain!

Ralph said...

If this is true - I hope it wasn't a long distance call.

Mountain Mama said...

Was your answer machine turned on? You may have 'voice mail." Hee-hee-hee

Blond Girl said...

Hey Paul.

Remember when you you used to come by my old blog, Rants, Raves and Revelations of the Blond Girl.

I had to close that blog out, but I've started a new one, Highlights of the Blond Girl.

If you feel like it, drop by. I'm at

Hope you're doing well!

srp said...

Perhaps I need to see a doctor too..... I never feel the vibration of my cell phone in the pocket. Numb all over.....

My mom got her two new ears today... now, every five minutes she asks... "What's that noise?" Birds, microwave, Dad snoring.......etc.

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