Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to Live Happily Ever After, Part...oh, 101

I'm serious, kids. Attend Grandparent's Day at your grandkids' school. They give you cookies and juice; they show off their classroom. There's a music show in the all-purpose room, art in all the hallways; and a free tour of the library. Does life get any better? Well, okay. A souvenir picture, too.


Granny Annie said...

Been there -- done that. You are so right, it is a treat to remember!

Mountain Mama said...

Isn't it great to be able to be involved with the grandkids? I love going to special happenings with mine too.
It's good for them and for us too.

Jennie said...

Aw, great picture and what a special day. :)

I'm sure you thoelly enjoyed yourselves.

Star said...

We visited our grandson's preschool on Friday. He was so proud to show us around.

Senorita said...

Nice picture ! I don't even have kidlets, but I will take cookies and juice any day !

Joy Des Jardins said...

I use to love to go to my kids' schools for nights like that. Even though my two grandkids live in NJ, I've managed to make it to one school event and look around afterward at how my grandson spends his days in pre-school...yep, it's the best.

I just love the photo of all of's wonderful. You look pretty happy Grandpa Paul... ~Joy

Ily said...

What a cute picture! You all look adorable!!

Ralph said...

That right there is a great, great reason. Move it higher up the list.

Rachel said...

They will always remember these times with their grandparents!
Wonderful picture!!

Janell said...

Paul, your Big House, tulip and hat pics in your previous posts are beautiful, but this one here has to be my favorite!

srp said...

Grandparent's Day? Only in dreams..... though that will be OK too. Such a lovely crew you have there... you and the first wife included!

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