Sunday, April 11, 2010


The other day after lunch, Spring finally showed up here in the Heart of America. My First Wife and I were out in a neighborhood where we spied dozens (!) of dogwood trees. You shoulda been there. I only had time for a few photos. So enjoy.

Dogwood blossoms up close.

Dogwood across the street

Dogwood with Yellow Tulips.

Pear Trees, too.  They're everywhere!


Jennie said...

Beautiful. My dogwoods are dying, I miss their beauty.

Senorita said...

Cool, so now I know they are called Dogwoods.

Glad the weather was nice for you. It sure sucked ass here in CA. We're supposed to be the land of envious weather, that is why our rents are sky-high. And today it was simply awful.

cassie-b said...

Just beautiful - Thanks
We have hundreds of tulip, daffodil, hyacinth, etc bulbs blooming. Maybe I should take a picture.

I just love Spring.

If you check my blog, you'll see the story of our Eastern Redbud Tree.
Have a great day.

kenju said...

Gorgeous!! I love pink dogwoods!

srp said...

Our state flower is the dogwood and they grow wild in the western part of the state in the mountains. But here it is variable. Some of the older trees do ok but many stay small and puny looking. In Mississippi I lived next to a house with a 30 foot white dogwood, made my tiny pink one look like a dwarf.