Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Red, Green and Violet

Continuing our study of red and green photos (see post below); I took all these (and more) today on the first pleasant early morning this May. Walking, naturally.

It looked so sparkling in the 9:00 sun, what with a fresh grass trim and a good rainstorm to wash off the target. I really like all the lines in this photo.

This benches photo is going into my "Benches Folder." I have several in that folder now and I'm gonna post them all one of these days. I keep procrastinating...  But would anyone care to name this photo?

And then there are two little Kansas wildflowers looking for some friends. 

And oh, by the way: one of the best Hat photos ever is now on My Hats Blog. Please visit.


Kansas Bob said...

Enjoyed the pics Paul!

srp said...

Those must be some sort of Trilliums!
If that is a Target... then where are the people?

Senorita said...

I enjoyed these pics. Your Target over there is much cleaner than ours over here.

Mountain Mama said...

You did a fabulous job of lining up the sidewalk and lawnin the first shot. ANd the lines of the building and even the shadows of the trees make this a very interesting photo.

The red seats are fun. I've never seen any like them. 'Sitting Red'