Saturday, May 22, 2010

She Was Only 92 Years Old

On Thursday, one of My First Wife's Best Friends went to the hospital for tests. Doctor's orders. While she was there in the hospital, she fell and hit her head against something.

Brain damage. Coma. Some time after 10:00 p.m. Friday night, she quietly passed away.

She was only 92 years old and almost five feet tall. She never needed glasses; she lived alone--well, with her cat--cooked her own meals, bathed herself, kept a little garden. She had a walker, but didn't use it. She lost most of her teeth in some kind of an accident several years ago. She beat breast cancer and skin cancer and a horrible cat scratch that cost her a complete blood transfusion. "So what?" she often said.

She was a giver and a helper. Remember the bad earthquake in Haiti? One afternoon after that she worked right alongside everyone else filling bags of food to send to the victims. That was typical of her. We took her to church every Sunday, and every Sunday she thanked us like we had performed the most wonderful favor ever. I baked cakes for her. She liked Lemon cake and occasionally gave me a box of mix. We took her to the doctor(s) and to shopping and out to eat. What a treat it was! We were not the only ones. She left us all with only happy, happy memories. We'll get together with her again.

One day at our church late last summer, while she was still only 91.

Same day. Our pastor's wife. Miss Cleta. My First Wife.

Another special day: about 35 people came to a birthday dinner for her.

She enjoyed sitting with me at the computer and letting me show her my photos. 
She always liked this one best. I gave it to her in a frame.


cassie-b said...

My sincere condolences. Losing a friend at any age is so sad.


Jennie said...

She sounds like a wonderful blessing! I'm glad you'll be able to see her again someday. Maybe you will introduce us! That is how my beloved Grammy died. She was rather weak and got up to help my Pop Pop who was very sick one night, fell, bumped her head. I think it was a noble and merciful way to leave this earth.

Now, about your friend. SHE NEVER NEEDED GLASSES IN 91 YEARS?! That's 84 years longer than I didn't need glasses.

Ralph said...

She really sounds like a neat lady Paul. Our condolences.

Senorita said...

My grandpa passed at 92 years old.

I am so sorry for your loss. I am really sad about losing people from her generation. She sounded like such a wonderful person. Glad to hear she lived as long as she did.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Sorry for your loss - but what a blessing she was to be in your lives. {{{Hugs}}}

srp said...

I am so sorry for your loss... heaven's gain is our loss.. but I am sure she is having a wonderful time singing with the angels. Only those of us left behind here have to feel the sadness.

We too lost a friend this week. A crusty fellow with a big heart.. he was in Sunday School last week, feeling fine. Then Tuesday morning, simply died of a sudden heart attack. He is probably singing with your friend now...

Ily said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Paul, and my heart goes out to your first wife.

Her best friend sounds like someone I would've enjoyed spending time with. What a loving spirit! I know you will meet again.

PS - I love that last picture, the one you framed for her. It's beautiful!!

Joy Des Jardins said...

What a wonderful lady Paul. She reminds me of my mother-in-law who is 93; but who has gone through more medical issues than anyone I know...and has beaten them all. They even look alike..same petite body, same kind of hair.

My condolences to you and First Wife on the loss of your friend...and a very special woman. Hugs, Joy

Granny Annie said...

A story of sincere ageless friendship and irony. It does not seem right that she would undergo and survive so much and then suddenly succumb to a fall in the hospital. Your loss is so very regrettable and I am sorry for your sadness.