Friday, May 28, 2010

The Windmill on 87th Street

My First Wife and I use 87th Street a lot. More than just about any street in the entire Heart of America. Sometimes we pass things so often that we don't really see them. Know what I mean? Remember that cool house on the Prairie? It's on 87th Street.

This windmill is only a few blocks on down the street. I wonder how many times we've driven passed it without ever seeing it? Well, if I hadn't been walking, maybe I'd never have taken this picture. I like it.

Well, shoot. I'm surprised how many 87th Street pictures I've taken. So I started a new folder today. I gotta get it organized, but later this year, I'll publish the photos from it. Whatcha think?

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cassie-b said...

I'd be happy to see lots of shots from 87th street. It sounds like an interesting place to visit, especially on a walk.

Jennie said...

Nice shot! We have a windmill in town that someone brought over from Holland and rebuilt in their backyard. Now I'm inspired to go photograph it. :)

Ily said...

What a great photo! I should share this one with my friend, Holland!

Cliff said...

Wow, it's been a while since I was here. Whilst I've been away from the computer you've been doing a masterful job of blogging. First, sorry about your friend Cleta. She looks almost exactly like a beloved Aunt of mine and seems to have had about the same attitude. Your reunion will be grand.
I too like the neat farm look of the windmill. Not many of them in good shape in these parts. Most of the water here comes from the ground and from a pump about 18 miles from here. Not much nostalgia in a water hydrant or water district.

Janell said...

Well, that's a stellar idea! I think I might have to do County Road 15... hmmmm... I love how you always get me thinking.