Monday, May 31, 2010

Remember these Kids?

I can't find the link to these kids. I posted their picture some months ago. Remember them? They sit on that bench at the mall. Turns out they are All-American Kids, too! Here's another picture of them.

Oh, and I know who put that flag in the boy's hand. He put it there just after sunrise on Saturday morning when there wasn't much traffic. He also drove by there later Saturday, Sunday and Monday to check on it. It's still flying on Memorial Day. (Disclaimer: No sculps or flowers were harmed in the placement of the flag.)


Rachel said...

I love them!! The flag is just the right touch!! So glad that 'someone' put that flag there! :)

srp said...

An antebellum home in Mississippi had an ornate bench out front and on this bench was a frog statue. A larger than life frog, sitting on the bench with legs crossed and reading a book. The lady dresses him up for various holidays. On the 4th of July, he sports a star spangled tall top hat and holds a flag, along with his book.

Granny Annie said...

Good job. I know nothing:)

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