Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Santa Fe Trail

Out walking this morning, I came upon this trail. It doesn’t look like much—it’s only about eight feet wide—and time has tempered it quite a bit. But it holds 200 years of American history in its tracks.

This is part of the Santa Fe Trail. In this park it’s only about 50 yards long. It’s eight feet wide (give or take) and its ancient bed is almost gone. Can you see the depression? Yes, that’s where oxen and mules pulled wagon after wagon back and forth between Missouri and Santa Fe Mexico for 40 short years. Then war. Then the Oregon Trail. Then the railroad, the Civil War, the Gold Rush…

This limestone marker has helped define the trail for years and years. When I stood there this morning, shivers ran up my spine. This is not the first time that such a feeling o-whelmed me. There’s something special about American history, don't ya think?


Jennie said...

I do think, but it took me many years to realize that. I guess I just needed to create some of my own. That is a neat picture, thanks for sharing it.

kenju said...

That would be a very interesting place to walk (the whole trail).

Janell said...

YES! American history is NEVER boring! Especially when you are standing right beside it. Good photos, good thoughts.

jennifer said...

The older I get, the more I realize the history of our country is so important. I'm not blazing a place in history for myself, but maybe, just maybe, I am raising a trail blazer.

Be blessed Paul!

Ily said...

Very cool...I wish we had historical trails like this in Florida.

Granny Annie said...

I too get chills coming across historical markers that tell us the feet of our ancestors tread there through hardship and trials to make a future for us.

Don Davidson said...

Hey, Paul, thanks for the direction to this blog. I loved your scenic pictures of those benches. Is there a picture book in the making for you? How about a title such as, The Benches of Madison County. ha

Don Davidson

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