Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hank Heron

Saturday afternoon I went walking in a real purty park and came upon Hank Heron. Bleeve me: I am a blessed man. I'm just going to line up the photos I took. Please enjoy. 
And at the end is the photo I went to take in the first place. 
Hank Heron

This is my favorite photo of Hank.

And this photo is the reason I went to the park.


kenju said...

That park is beautiful and I think that heron is too handsome and stately to be called Hank. I henceforth call him Prince Heinrick of the Park!

Star said...

Looks like he was posing just for you. Thanks Paul, and Hank.

srp said...

Hank looks quite pleased with himself today... have a great one.

Ily said...

I hadn't seen all these. Love Hank Heron...and that last shot is amazing. Wow! No one makes parks look more inviting than you, my friend.

cassie-b said...

Great shots! I think it was Hank's cousin who used to groom himself on our swim platform when I lived on a big lake a few years ago. They are so beautiful.

Cliff said...

Paul, I've been going thru your photos while you were away. Great shots all the way down.
We have a lot of the blue herons here. They're really good painters too. I've seen them start painting logs and pilings along the Missouri River but they never quite finish their 'work.'
We only had the two photo's from our visit but they're both a bit blurry. I might still use one of them anyway.

Jennie said...

I love seeing blue herons. Great pictures. Your comment on my groovy entry...I worded that sentence wrong and you picked up on something that bothered me every time I read it but I wasn't sure how to fix it/didn't take the time to figure it out. In other words, I don't know what in the world that troop of people was all about - never did know. Traveling mega-family reunion? I'll go fix my sentence. Thank you!

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