Friday, July 09, 2010

Business in Missouri

Hah! You probably thought I was going to say "walking" in Missouri. But today I only had a few minutes (in a long-sleeve shirt and tie) to shoot these photos. Not much to 'em, but enjoy.

I stopped to take a picture of this church steeple. Unfortunately, there is construction going on in the front of it, so I went around back.

While I was around back, I kept hearing the scree of an eagle or a hawk. "Hey, look! There! On the top of that tree!" I slowly made my way across a field to get as close as possible. I kept taking pics as I approached. This is the best I could do. I wanted to get closer, but that eagle or hawk must be a member of that church, because it screed, "I'll Fly Away" and flew away. So what was it? An eagle or a hawk?

Then there is a church I've been wanting to photograph for years, but almost always passed it at night, going the other direction, camera at home--something. I got it today, though. It's right beside a busy six-laner, so I stopped in the emergency lane and took an emergency photo. Finally, into My Church Steeples Folder.

The sky was beautiful today. These kind of clouds dominated all you could see above. The blue was unusually blue. It was all real purty and peaceful. It would have been a good day to go walking in Missouri.


Sarah said...

Nothing like a beautiful blue sky!

srp said...

Love the sky.... so clear and such wispy clouds... probably a bit of wind too. I remember Oklahoma.. there was always wind.. in fact, if there was no wind, you'd better check the weather report... a storm brewing.

Ily said...

Beautiful sky and I love the eagle/hawk photo as well, even better when you click to enlarge.

Have a great weekend, Pablito!!

DBFrank said...

Looks cool there...

kenju said...

Love the sky shot. I think it is a hawk, but I'm no

Senorita said...

I always enjoy pictures of churches. Looks like the weather was nice there and here as well !

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