Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Walking in the HOA

Cloudy and threatening on July 6, but I went out walking in the Heart of America anyway…

…really, in the Heart of America. Can you see the train behind that far white fence? That red dot by the highway is the engine. There is a walking trail right beside that track. Noisy, frightening and exciting all at once! Beautiful, too, because the track and the trail flow right alongside Mill Creek. But this highway passes by many a beautiful nook, too. You gotta walk to see ‘em. Fr’instance…
I found a “hidden” barn to add to My Barn Folder. You have to squint and look closely or you might not see it.

And for My Fence Folder is a fence that protects nothing. It’s just there. Probably used to be a big farm house there. Family sittin’ out on the porch worryin' about the weather, shuckin’ corn, snappin' peas and a-wavin’ at passin' cars. Fence held up pretty good all these years.
And how ‘bout this cute little church. It used to be a house. Somebody knocked out some interior walls and nailed a steeple on top and it became “The Rock.” However, the real estate appraiser who was out there called it “This Dog-Gone Church.”
I will include it in My Church Steeples Folder.

You know it’s July in Kansas when wheat harvest is complete.
Immediately after, those wheat stalks get rounded up and become hay.
Barbed wire (Bob Waar) and windmills always remind me of Arizona, no matter where I am.

Today was a nice day. Sure would be nice if you'd come walk with me.

And for one more nice photo, scroll down to the previous post. Thanks.


srp said...

It was too hot to walk out too much today. I had one black swallowtail butterfly emerge on Monday; the other two wandered and wandered all over the makeshift house today and finally found places to land... I expect that they will split open the last molting and be in the chrysalis stage by tomorrow. Then 9 to 14 days until butterflies.

Rachel said...

You find some lovely places to walk. Loved all the photos!

kenju said...

Good pix, Paul. It will be 101* here today, so no walking!!

Ralph said...

I really, really like that fence photo. Good one Paul.

Paulandbeth said...

I grew up in the neighborhood that church is in, it hasn't always looked that nice.

Jennie said...

I love to see those hay balls in fields. One of my favorite things. Speaking of fr'instance, I've been noticing my kids language:
Yerp = Europe &
timezit = what time is it?
S'up wid dat?

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