Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding of the Century?

My Lovely Bride got up real early today and watched some of the Royal Wedding of the Century featuring Prince William and Kate Middleton (in Britain). I was a lot smarter. I stayed asleep and waited for everything to pop up on the Internet. I gotta say that he was a handsome groom; she was a beautiful bride. It looked like a real nice wedding.

Now suppose—just suppose—that Prince William and Princess Kate (of Britain) are in the world’s spotlights for the next—oh, say five years. Suppose they entertain us at least once a week by walking from a limousine to a hotel door. Or vice versa.

And then suppose—just suppose, remember—the two of them announce that Princess Kate will soon have a royal child, heir/heiress to the throne (of Britain).

Remember, that’s about five years from now.

And then suppose—seriously, just suppose—that somewhere around 30 years later that that child gets married, too. That should put us about 2046 or so. And suppose that that child’s wedding (etc.) is as elegant and beautiful and fanciful as the one just performed (in Britain).

Questions then: Can that wedding be called the wedding of the century, too? Why or Why not? Or suppose an American President hosts a grand and magnificent wedding for his/her child in the White House about the same time. Yikes? And suppose that that American President is one of my grandchildren? Yee-haw!

I’m just supposing. I’m dreaming big for the big event. God bless America.


cassie-b said...

You've got a valid point there.

srp said...

With 1900 guests, calling it a "small family gathering" is very amusing!

Granny Annie said...

I wonder if they had a choice from their parents, "A big wedding OR elope and we'll give you the money we would have spent on the big wedding."