Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Avon Calling

My First Wife and I recently listened to a motivational speaker who sells Avon products. She might be a stand-up comedienne, cuz she sure was a hoot. We have repeated this story of hers several times already.

Ms. Speaker told us that she decided to sell Avon. Too late she learned that her little town of 9,000 folks was saturated with Avon representatives. So, she had to figure out ways to make herself known and gather as many customers as possible. Well, sure. She even put a lighted sign on the roof of her car, just like the pizza delivery folks.

She named several other gimmicks, then suddenly said, “…and I even ran for State Representative a few times. See, that way, every time I was on TV I got to say that I was an Avon Lady in my district. It worked. I got more and more new customers.

“Well, I can’t do that anymore, because the last time I ran—I almost won.”


Cliff said...

Thats a great story Paul. I hope success finds it's way to your house.

kenju said...

She was very smart!!

My mom sold Avon while I was in college. She set up her wares in the ladies lounges at the state house - where hundreds of women worked - and she took orders for hours! She made a killing, and she didn't have to walk far or drive a lot to do it.

Michele said...

After Gloria told me the AVON lady story, it got me thinking...I need to do more to promote my AVON business, so thanks for the funny story and inspiration! BTW, feel free to visit my AVON website at Love you guys!

srp said...

You really DO have to be careful about running for representative these days.... YOU might just win!!!!!

Star said...

That would be a drawback.

Senorita said...

Haha, this is too funny !

I love Avon, much better products than Mary Kay.

I think that if I ever start my own business, I will be running for office, too.

Thanks for the laugh !