Friday, February 03, 2006

Adventures in a Lot of Fun

I received several excellent and creative suggestions for collective nouns. (Read Me First.) As promised, I'm posting them all here, although you may have seen them in my Cuss-Free Zone earlier. Enjoy!

Look what Jennie, my effervescent, non-blogging blogger friend, sent us!

  • A mix of blenders
  • A colossian of Bibles
  • A lather of soap dispensers
  • A cozy of pillows
  • A vessel of phlebotomists
  • A body of cadavers (Sharp!)

She came back later with "Hey Paul, Just opened the Reader's Digest my mother-in-law sends us and found this:

  • An absence of waiters
  • An attitude of teenagers
  • A brace of orthodontists
  • A clutch of mechanics (I really like this one)
  • A drove of cabbies
  • A fidget of altar boys
  • A flood of plumbers
  • A giggle of little girls
  • A quarrel of lawyers
  • A groan of puns"

Jamie Dawn (send her a Get Well card) offered the one thing that was on her mind at the time: a pack of suitcases. That's pretty good.

Cliff from Nebraska offered these:

  • A change of AAA service men
  • An ego of preachers
  • A drone of professors
  • A crush of icemakers
  • A flat of tenors (Excellent!)
  • An octave of pianists
  • A tale of snakes
  • A bakers dozen of Cops
  • A pair of bra salesmen

He added this disclaimer. "Sorry. I actually know a guy who used to do that for a living. He lives in Tekamah now. He lived in California at the time, but I think he got pushed out of the business, or he didn't get much support from his company. Man, it is late."

Nyssa's mom, who knows what the business end of a camera is all about, sent these original ones. If you like great photos, go see her.

  • A morgue of medical examiners
  • A field of farmers
  • A platform of preachers; a pulpit of preachers
  • A nap of anesthetists
  • A conglomeration of college kids
  • A night of knights
  • A poultice of pediatricians (old-timey ones)

All these came from the Monique in Florida. I think she's a tech writer, too, and I like the things she writes in her blog.

  • A kettle of cooks
  • A pool of swimmers
  • A deck of fighters
  • A suite of executives

Bluegrass Mama, from Kentucky suggested a cuddle of kittens and a flight of pilots. I'm surprised she didn't mentions something about horses.

The first time she came to my blog, Karen left these goodies. A web of bloggers and a net of surfers. Well, natcherly, I had to go find out about my new guest. I'm impressed with her good blog and recommend it. Go make a new friend.

Kenjuhey, you like great junk from the fifties and beyond? Visit Kenju! She a writer and offered a volume of books. Clever.

Cassie-b liked that "volume of books" from Kenju and then mentioned a passel of puppies. Cute. And let me mention, that you'll like Cassie-b's fun blog.

Last, Amanda, from Las Vegas signed in with these great ideas. And wouldn't you know it: she saved the best for last. (I'm a big fan!)

  • A wave of surfers
  • A net of bloggers
  • A sunshine of daisies
  • A remote of reporters (in honor of my profession)
  • An ABBA of Swedes

I want to contribute this: a crack of plumbers.

Thanks to all who played. Better than a meme, doncha think? I'm impressed with how few duplicates were offered. One thing I noticed: most of these offerings reflect our personalities or interests. Interesting.

Well, because no one offered anything with chocolate, I didn't have the strength to add up any scores. Therefore, all scores were the same: everybody wins! A knot of ties.

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