Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Joy of Sharing

As promised, here are the simple steps I once took to create a gift for My First Wife. If you haven’t already read…aw, click “a gift.” Then come back, of course.

First, I got the idea from a friend who was so broke that the only thing he could afford for his wife was his "Brightness Poem." Great gift, Larry. Thanks for sharing.

Second, a few weeks before her birthday, I compiled a secret list of things that make My First Wife feel good. I slyly asked her a few nosy questions to see what she considered important. I furtively called some of her friends, some co-workers and our children. They all eagerly contributed and I ended up with some mighty fine fodder. I was impressed to see how much stuff makes My First Wife light up!

Then to the computer where I typed it all up—still secretly. Hoo, boy! I had way too much information. I had to pare it down to fit on one page. That was the hardest part. Did I leave something out? Was something missing that might hurt her feelings? Will she ask, “What about…?”

I chose a font I thought she’d appreciate and laid out the page to resemble something similar to craftsmanship. I searched in half a dozen paper supply stores for the perfect parchment paper. I bought a nice frame. I was satisfied, and so I put it all together and wrapped her Brightness Poem. That gift required more effort—but came back with more satisfaction—than all the other gifts I ever gave her.

I remember that she said, “This is perfect.” That year I gave her a gift she still enjoys. As a matter of fact, she was so impressed that she insisted on doing the same thing for her two sisters. Christmas gifts.

And you can do the same thing, too. Choose someone special and think special occasions—birthdays, anniversaries, father’s day, mother’s day and so forth. Encourage your children to write something for their friends, teachers, coaches, each other… The list is endless and so is the reward. (Scrap bookers can go wild with decorations.)

If you create and give a Brightness Poem, I’d be honored to know about it. Thanks in advance for sharing.

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