Saturday, March 10, 2007

No Joy Tonight

Remember the beautiful deer I saw a few days ago while I took my lunch hour walk? Well, I saw her again yesterday (Friday).

Somebody shot that pretty doe, then went to the trouble to hide her behind a ground-level sign. Now, I’m all for fresh venison, but not the kind that’s shot in The Big City business district and left for the neighborhood raccoons. Come on, people..!

I called the proper authorities, but she was still lying there when I left work last night. I wonder if Thumper and Flower are wondering where she is. I suppose I’m gonna miss her.

No she wasn’t hit by a car. She was shot while grazing. There is food dangling from her mouth and her neck is still bent down. There’s a big bullet exit wound on it.

There’s no joy in Mudville tonight.

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