Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Joy of Modern Doctory

Our Oldest Daughter finally went home from the hospital today (Wednesday the 11th). After two CAT Scans, an MRI, a brazillion pills and one revolutionary procedure, her nasty migraine headache is gone.

Yesterday (Tuesday), a brilliant neurosurgeon wondered if Our Daughter’s spinal cord fluid was leaking, thus not sending the proper amount of fluid to her brain. Another MRI revealed the leak! The brilliant neurosurgeon performed a few minutes of surgery to get the leak plugged and healed—using Our Daughter’s own blood. Ten minutes after the delicate procedure, with fluid flowing properly, that violent headache was no more.

About 10:30 this morning, Our Daughter, speaking to My First Wife on the phone, said, “I’m standing up and looking out the window. The bright light isn’t bothering me and standing up isn’t bothering me. There’s no pain.”

That’s my girl! It won’t be long before she’s out rippin’ and tearin’ as hard as ever.

Thank you to those of you who asked about her and prayed for her. Needless to say, everyone is relieved and happy. Please praise the Lord with us.

Footnote Department: Her Brilliant Neurosurgeon is a lady. The lady told her to be a "couch potato" for at least a week.

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