Thursday, April 24, 2008

Department of Beauty

Here in Pancake Flats, spring has finally sprung. Yee-haw. I went out to look at it the other day, and on my walk here’s a little of what I found along the way.

First, there was the annual dandelion convention.
Dandilion Convention

Then there was a Parade of Pink Trees.

This Tu-color branch was the in the first tree...(I love Macro!)
Pink Branch

Speaking of trees, these are Pear Trees protecting that little foot bridge.
Spring Pear Tree

And here's a another foot bridge watching over two baby Pear Trees.
Mill Creek Pond

Later, I spied a Tu-color Tulip... (Another great macro photo!)
Tu-Color Tu-lip

She was out standing in her field...
Outstanding in her field

Well, just before sundown, this cute little Dogwood Blossom offered me a hug.

And just after sundown, the day ended with this romantic full moon.
Full Moon March 08

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