Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Adventures at the Grocery Store

Is it just me, or are things going haywire on grocery store shelves? You can probably add your own two-cents worth to this post, but...*

Has anyone noticed that a half gallon of ice cream is now only 1.5 quarts? And priced about a dollar and a half more than the old-fashion two-quart half gallon?

And coffee. When I was a kid, a pound was 16 ounces. Nowadays, a pound of coffee is 11 ounces.

I don't wanna talk about cereal boxes. Don't get me going about taller boxes with less cereal for more money. When did all this change? Who figured it out?

I think whoever it was will make fine companions for Bernie Madoff. Don't you?

*For only a nickel you can add your two-cents worth.


mackenzie said...

Yes I read about this in Consumer Magazine, that more and more companies were changing the amount they give you but charging the same or even more! Yes fine companions indeed!

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