Friday, May 16, 2008

Joy in the Morning Department

WFTH, the only all-wheat station on the Internet, has discovered some competition here suddenly. It’s Pandora, a free Internet radio station. Those folks know how to run a station, I tell you. "It’s a new kind of radio—stations that play only the music you like." That’s what they say and…well, we’re listening to it from morning till night.

Sign up, sign in, sit back and sing along. It’s that easy. Here in Pancake Flats we play it from early morning till late night, listening only to music we like to hear. No commercials, no news, no jabber-banter, no cussin’—and best of all, no politics. And, once again, it’s free! For your favorite kinda music, we recommend Pandora.

What we like best about Pandora is that you can listen to your choice of music over there and still come back over here to WFTH and enjoy our brand of broadcasting at the same time.

(Seven prepositional phrases in one sentence might be a record for me. You heard it hear first, folks.)

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