Monday, May 05, 2008

Awards Department

Folks, we gotta interrupt everything with this breaking news.

Old Horsetail Snake (aka Hoss) patted me on the back with this award a few days ago. He said I could have it cuz I posted this. (You remember: the one about the light bulbs.)

The Original Perfect Post Awards 04.08

Hoss is most always good for a hearty laugh, but I'd rate his blog as PG-13-21-35-50-60 and -65. I've been reading his blog since early '04. The two things I learnt about him are this: Hoss has been through a whole buncha personal hard stuff since '04, and Hoss has a big-ol', pure-gold heart.

One other thing: if he lived here in Pancake Flats, they'd make him mayor cuz he believes in fun. So go visit him and see for yourself. Have fun.

And if'n you're listening in, Mr. Hoss, all us folks here at WFTH say, "Thanks."

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